Supporting the NHSPCA

On June 4th, Beast Coast Party was happy to join forces with the NHSPCA and other companies for the 25th Annual Paws Walk. Animal lovers and their beloved pets gathered to go on a 2-mile walk through Stratham Hill Park in Stratham, N.H. to raise money for the SPCA. 

Owner of Beast Coast Party, Joshua Ellsworth, decided to partake in the walk because he has always liked animals. Beast Coast Party also took part in the raffle with other vendors, where all money raised was donated to the SPCA. The Paws Walk donations will support more than 2,500 animals who will be brought to the NHSPCA this year. It helps with medical care, finding warm beds, giving the animals nutritious meals, and giving them a second chance at life. 

Guests who came to the Paws Walk were able to get into our photobooth to take some pictures, and our raffle prize was for a free photobooth rental. We are pleased to announce that Leeanne Falvey has won a free, 3-hour photobooth rental for any occasion in New England. 

If you would like to learn more about the Paws Walk, the NHSPCA's Facebook page is here, or you can go to Here at Beast Coast Party, we will not "fur-get" this day and give a round of "appaws" to the NHSPCA and all other donors for helping animals in need. 


by Danielle Roberts

4 Favorite Photo Booth Props

Photo booths are fun to use when you're posing with friends, your significant other, or your family. What makes a photo booth even more fun is the use of props. Whether you make a theme out of it, have a random assortment, or just a few to change up the pictures, here are 4 of our favorite props you should consider. 

1. Hats


Pick some of the silliest, random hats to offer at your photo booth. It may be a fedora, a cowboy hat, party hats, or something you'd see at the Kentucky Derby. 

2. Mustaches

For some reason, partygoers find it hilarious when they put on a fake mustache. It could be big, small, or even one of the paper ones to hold up to your face. 

3. A frame

Frames for a wedding, birthday party, graduation, or bridal shower can allow guests to remember what the occasion was when looking back, and will also make it more memorable. These are easy to make and guests will definitely pick it up to use. 

4. Glasses and/or Masks


There's something so mysterious and thrilling about putting on a pair of silly glasses or a masquerade-styled mask. Guests will have trouble deciding which ones they like best.


We've got plenty of props if you're considering a photo booth rental, but consider all the great things you could feature and what works the best with your event. 


by Danielle Roberts

Have a Drink For You

Everyone loves their drinks at a wedding. It's the perfect place for a beer or cocktail, where you can forget about your worries and enjoy time with family and friends, celebrating. 

In recent years, weddings have included a 'signature drink.' The happy couple will create a specialty drink for the bar to serve, something that combines their favorite spirits or offers a selection of either one. It can be fun, exciting, and something great for guests to order. Guests will remember the signature drink and it's another special aspect to add to your important day, especially if it has a unique name.

Are you thinking about having a customized drink at your wedding, but have no idea what to serve? Here are some suggestions. 

Photo by eli77/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by eli77/iStock / Getty Images


  • The Blushing Bride (Peach schnapps, grenadine, and champagne) and Dashing Groom (rum and Coke)
  • The 'Marry Me' Mojito (rum, fresh mint, club soda, lime)
  • The Wedding Cake Martini (vanilla vodka, pineapple juice, coconut rum, and grenadine)

While you could pick one of these, even just offering the groom's favorite beer or the bride's most-loved wine will make your wedding perfect. You could also decide on a mixed-base cocktail, combining two favorite spirits into one delicious drink. Whatever the case is, picking the drinks for your wedding is especially important, and consider having one choice that everyone will love. 

We can help. 


by Danielle Roberts

5 Favorite Party Themes

There's always a excuse to throw a party. No matter what the occasion is, you can find a way to incorporate an event into it and have a great party that people will be talking about for days afterwards. 

If you'd like to host an event and have no idea what the theme should be, here are a few ideas to help you decide. 


1) Hawaiian Themed

Beast Coast Party recently hosted a Hawaiian themed wedding reception, and it was a hit with everyone. If you love the beach and can't wait for summer, this is perfect. 

2) Decade Throwback

Whether you're nostalgic about the '70s, '80s, or even the '90s for our current generation, host a party with the theme of one of the past decades. Partygoers love dressing up, and maybe consider a photobooth to capture every memory (and outfit) that night. 

3) Karaoke

There is nothing more fun than hosting a karaoke party. You don't even need an excuse to have one. If you're shy about singing in front of your friends, our bar could provide some liquid courage. 

4) Back to Prom

Did you miss your high school prom, or are you still reminiscing on it? Give your party a prom theme and wear formal clothing, find your favorite music from that time period, and don't forget the photobooth!

5) Backyard Barbecue

Everyone loves a good barbecue. Host a party in your yard with games and great food. Don't worry about having enough beer, Beast Coast Party can serve. 

Don't worry about the party. We've got you covered. 


by Danielle Roberts

Summer is Approaching...

As we look out the window and see a rainy spring day, finally melting away the snow, we can't help but think towards summer. 


There are so many great aspects of summer. First of all, it's finally above 60 degrees in New England. Second, there are multiple things to love: the beach, ice cream, road trips, outdoor concerts, sunshine, hiking, and tons and tons of events to attend. 

Whether it's a wedding, a birthday party, a housewarming party, a high school reunion, a 4th of July party, or even a family gathering, everyone is bound to go to at least one event in the summer months. It's a part of this season, of everyone wanting to have fun and enjoy themselves during the few times New Englanders see sunlight. 

How do you want to enjoy yourself at a party? Some say games or dancing. We say your big summer bash should have a bar and photobooth. Relax with a cocktail or cold beer in your hand. Sneak into the photobooth with your friends and snap silly pictures everyone will remember years later. Enjoy yourself.

With summer approaching fast, start planning your party now. Click over to our Pricing page if you think a photobooth or a bar may be a great addition to your event. Soon enough, you'll be looking out the window at the sunshine and your empty lawn, wondering where the time went...


by Danielle Roberts

People don't buy what you do...

What makes certain companies successful and others not so much?  

Why are commercial advertisements becoming harder to understand on television?

The answer is simple: People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Companies that have a specific goal in mind and offer a service because of this goal tend to have a much higher success rate.  Take Apple for example.  Apple is used as a golden standard for a successful company.  Apple's success is due to the way that they conduct their business, around the goal of constantly creating new and unique ideas to change the world of technology. 

Apple is a world changing company that happens to make computers.

Apple is NOT a computer company that wants to change the world.

See the difference?

People are catching on to the idea that selling why you do something is much more important than selling what you do.  Here is an example of two different car commercials:

A car commercial selling WHAT they do:

"We sell cars.  They are affordable compared to our competitors.  They have great technology and are great on gas mileage.  Want to buy a car?"

A car commercial selling WHY they do it:

"We believe in keeping families safe.  We believe in tradition.  We have been a family owned and operated business for decades.  We believe in bettering the United States of America and families with our services and products.  We sell cars.  Want to buy a car?" 

Have you ever seen a commercial on television and wondered at the end: what did any of that even have to do with a car? 

That's because the company is attempting to sell you the WHY and not the WHAT.  The goal is not to do business with people who need your products or services.  The goal is to do business with people who believe in what you believe.  This is how customer loyalty is truly formed.  It is in human biology.  

The easiest way to sell somebody a product or service is not by offering the best product or service for the best price.  The easiest way to sell somebody a product or service is to get them to trust you.  It is to show them that you share common beliefs.  This is how common bonds are formed between people.  

SO… WHY do I own and operate a photo booth rental and bartending service company?  

I believe in life being too short.  I believe in finding a way to make the good times that we have in this short life more memorable.  I believe in helping others capture specific moments to help them better remember the good times that they have had.  I believe there is a good and wholesome life to be lived in rural small town New England. I believe in both hard work and self independence, and in finding a way to get paid running my own business that is both fun and exciting.  I believe in being a man of my word. 

Photo Booths for Corporate Events

Are you trying to greatly boost your company's social media presence?

Photo Booths are actually a great way to do this.  

Our Photo Booths actually come with software capable of posting to a Facebook account or sending photos to an email address or cellphone.  Our digital copies of pictures can easily be put onto any social media platform, turning a boring office party into a marketing campaign.

Customize your photo prints to say your company's name at the bottom of the photo strip. Use OUR booths to market YOUR business.  

Check out our prices: PRICING  

Photo Booths, sometimes you DON'T get what you pay for.

Why are Beast Coast Party Photo Booth rentals so much cheaper than the competition?

-Our Photo Booths are top notch quality

-Our Photo Booths come with unlimited prints

-Our Photos are the best HD quality available

-There are no surprise charges with our service

-Our customer service is top notch

-We are guaranteed to never cancel on a customer that has paid their deposit

So why are we so CHEAP?

Because… every other photo booth rental company in New England is so expensive!

As a new business owner with  a whole lot of expenses and razor thin profits I can honestly tell you one thing: profit margins with a photo booth rental service are not only manageable, they are SEXY.  There is no reason to overcharge customers.  Ever heard of highway robbery?  There aren't very many photo booth rental services in New England, and photo booths aren't very easily accessible.  Because of this, photo booth rentals are overpriced.  

But with Beast Coast Party, we are the most affordable, yet we are still the BEST.  I have seen these other photo booth rental companies and I can personally tell you that I will soon be the most disliked company among other photo booth rental company owners.  Because I am offering the SAME exact service they are offering, but with BETTER photo booths and for CHEAPER money.

Don't let anyone tell you that you get what you pay for!