What makes certain companies successful and others not so much?  

Why are commercial advertisements becoming harder to understand on television?

The answer is simple: People do not buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Companies that have a specific goal in mind and offer a service because of this goal tend to have a much higher success rate.  Take Apple for example.  Apple is used as a golden standard for a successful company.  Apple's success is due to the way that they conduct their business, around the goal of constantly creating new and unique ideas to change the world of technology. 

Apple is a world changing company that happens to make computers.

Apple is NOT a computer company that wants to change the world.

See the difference?

People are catching on to the idea that selling why you do something is much more important than selling what you do.  Here is an example of two different car commercials:

A car commercial selling WHAT they do:

"We sell cars.  They are affordable compared to our competitors.  They have great technology and are great on gas mileage.  Want to buy a car?"

A car commercial selling WHY they do it:

"We believe in keeping families safe.  We believe in tradition.  We have been a family owned and operated business for decades.  We believe in bettering the United States of America and families with our services and products.  We sell cars.  Want to buy a car?" 

Have you ever seen a commercial on television and wondered at the end: what did any of that even have to do with a car? 

That's because the company is attempting to sell you the WHY and not the WHAT.  The goal is not to do business with people who need your products or services.  The goal is to do business with people who believe in what you believe.  This is how customer loyalty is truly formed.  It is in human biology.  

The easiest way to sell somebody a product or service is not by offering the best product or service for the best price.  The easiest way to sell somebody a product or service is to get them to trust you.  It is to show them that you share common beliefs.  This is how common bonds are formed between people.  

SO… WHY do I own and operate a photo booth rental and bartending service company?  

I believe in life being too short.  I believe in finding a way to make the good times that we have in this short life more memorable.  I believe in helping others capture specific moments to help them better remember the good times that they have had.  I believe there is a good and wholesome life to be lived in rural small town New England. I believe in both hard work and self independence, and in finding a way to get paid running my own business that is both fun and exciting.  I believe in being a man of my word.