As we look out the window and see a rainy spring day, finally melting away the snow, we can't help but think towards summer. 


There are so many great aspects of summer. First of all, it's finally above 60 degrees in New England. Second, there are multiple things to love: the beach, ice cream, road trips, outdoor concerts, sunshine, hiking, and tons and tons of events to attend. 

Whether it's a wedding, a birthday party, a housewarming party, a high school reunion, a 4th of July party, or even a family gathering, everyone is bound to go to at least one event in the summer months. It's a part of this season, of everyone wanting to have fun and enjoy themselves during the few times New Englanders see sunlight. 

How do you want to enjoy yourself at a party? Some say games or dancing. We say your big summer bash should have a bar and photobooth. Relax with a cocktail or cold beer in your hand. Sneak into the photobooth with your friends and snap silly pictures everyone will remember years later. Enjoy yourself.

With summer approaching fast, start planning your party now. Click over to our Pricing page if you think a photobooth or a bar may be a great addition to your event. Soon enough, you'll be looking out the window at the sunshine and your empty lawn, wondering where the time went...


by Danielle Roberts